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Title: The selfish giant
Genre: Musical for children and grownups (stage-play)
Music composed by: Heinz Strobel
Libretto written by: Heinz Strobel und Kai Regener (frei nach Oscar Wilde)
Musical arrangements by: Bernd Maier
Cast: A children actors ensemble (about 12 years of age) and one adult actor (the giant) or older student; children's choir; rockband.
Duration: approx. 70 minutes
Premiere: January 2003, Frankfurt/Main


The story:

"THE SELFISH GIANT" is a cheeky, rock-like, funny and at the same time serious musical for children and grownups, which is great fun to watch but also touching and affecting the heart and soul of the audience. It is based on Oscar Wilde's well known tale of the same title.

It is told the story of a giant named Immergrimm, who gets confronted with some peacefully playing children in his castle garden and frightens them away from his property because he wants to be on his own in his big and beautiful garden. Indeed this act leads to unexpected consequences: How did it come, that the Spring is not in the mood to stay at the home of the giant this year? The giant really gets into trouble when the Snow and his friends the Frost, Northwind and the Hail are planning to stay in the garden throughout the whole year. And what about the children? They often walk past the giant's castle and hope that they could play in the garden once again. Maybe for all of them will occur a miracle?

The concept:

The premiere of the musical in 2003 was realised by schoolchildren of a grammar school in Frankfurt/Main. The main concept of the piece is that all members of a schoolclass can play a role according to their personal capabilities and talents. The motto is: „Everybody is important!“ An educational background in music or acting is of course helpful but not particularly necessary. Of course the musical is also suitable for theater companies who are working with children or children's choirs.

What materials are available for rehearsal and staging?

A libretto with additional stage directions, which can be very helpful for beginners. For the more experienced director there may be some useful hints for staging the piece.

A full score of all songs of the musical with lyrics and a piano score.

A CD including all songs as well as interludes and instrumentals.

And a CD with instrumental playback, which enables you to perform the piece in case its not possible for you to form a live band.

What's the difference between „The selfish giant“ and other musicals for children?

The underlying theme of this musical is not the classic conflict between good and evil. It is much more about self-awareness. The selfish giant of Oscar Wilde's tale experiences love and he begins to realize his ability for compassion. Thereby he gains for himself joy and happiness.

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